Be a farmer on your couch!

farmer's work at home

Every day reliable specialistworkers plant,transplant,graft,
Wheat and Pestcontrol.

Raise Avocadotrees

ship or sell it anywhere

You just pay to plant and mainten the tree - the rest is our work
Every day we take care of many trees in the Dominican Republic.

Choose the tree

Look for individual prices

agroingineurs are checking the health of the trees for best results.

Adopt tree

Adopt tree in different ages.

Recent Foto-updates

see your adopted tree growing by recent foto-updates.

Powerful Features

Once a year at harvest-time you can decide where to sell the fruits.

Order extra fertilizer for the tree

apart of the normal included fertilizer.

How much is your love for avocado?  Are you interested in avocado farming?

If you can relate to either or more of these, then Avotree is perfect for you! We are committed to offering you the best care for your avocado trees, from fertilizer, grafting, weed, and pest control, among others. In fact, you can adopt any avocado trees, in different ages, and watch them grow. You can become an avocado farmer in the comfort of your home.

The best part is, you do not need to participate in the labor; leave it to us, we are the avocado trees gurus. You can enjoy your avocado harvest every year when you partner with us. Additionally, you get to decide where you want to sell your yield or send it right to your home. You might also decide that incredible guacamole should make you and your loved one's day. For the organic cosmetic lovers, you are in luck! You can make that avocado blend for your face or your hair!

Avotree is committed to growing with you, beginning with adopting any avocado tree from us, following its progress through our frequent foto-updates, ordering extra fertilizer for your avocado tree, and finally watching you enjoy the harvest. It is our great joy to get our hands dirty to make your tree produce the best avocados ever! Allow us to worry about your avocados readiness, finding the right one, and to allow you to have your avocado and eat it (get it? Having your avocado and eating it?).

With Avotree, you enjoy all the benefits of avocados and generating income at the comfort of your house. For more information how to adopt a tree and services, kindly contact us.

Latest Avotree News

Here we post the news of the work with the trees.

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